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I want to hold your hand!

I want to hold your hand!

I reached over late, twilight,

Edging on morning light, to

Find your hand.

I needed your company on

The dream that was taking

Me to another land.

I saw images I wanted

To share with you and

Hold your hand.

I saw the dying flowers

In the Ninth Ward buried

In dry sand.

I walked among the music

Emanating from the homes

Sounding grand.

We walked together as the

Scene changed from NOLA

To another stand.

In quick sequence we skipped

To simple places that sowed

Seeds, growing plants.

Blossomed peonies, lilies of

The field, bright in coastal

Foggy June.

Swans, elephants, dolphins,

Lions, tigers, Africa, Artic,

Crying loons.

Niagara falls, Australian

Moon, Cape Town colors,

Scottish Troon.

We leaped and bound,

You and me, to a youthful

Fanciful tune.

All this happened to John,

Paul, George and Ringo’s plea

to hold hands.

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