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Word Whittling: Poetry by Jose H. Varela

Lawyer Poet

Jose H. Varela has always been enthusiastic about great writing.  As a reader, writer, and poet he plays with words and revels in the power of language.   Upon retiring from a thirty plus year career as a public defender and trial attorney, Mr. Varela is now focused on writing that rediscovers his past, engages his present reality, and creates images for people to reflect on their own personal life treasures.

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P.O. Box 370338, Montara, CA 94037

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Streetcar: Word Whittling Volume 2 


Published in 2022, Streetcar is a collection of poems and short stories that delve into the reality of being a public defender and Mr. Varela's take on the world as it exists in a divisive nation.   

To order follow this link: : Streetcar Jose H. Varela

Smith Place and Other Stories.  The latest short stories from Jose H. Varela

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Latest Short Story Collection.  Available by leaving message on this site. 


Word Whittling: Poetry by Jose H. Varela Brushes with Life.  First self published work.  September 16, 2020

Writer’s Journal

Mr. Varela's first self published work took several years to write.  It is as expected a first attempt.  But as you read you will be drawn into a world of words that paints a past and a very real present.  In the end you will feel as one reader surmised.  

"Your shared collection invites a dialogue with an artist who has honed their perspective through witnessing redemption, walked in grace through service, and is infused with more than a hint of the musicality I know to be at the core of who you are. " Billy Higgins

Notebook and Pen
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